History, Vision and Mission

Bromley Packaging Limited began its operation in July 2011.  It was founded on the basic principle of introducing quality packaging through the use of the best machines and technology available to ensure quality light and corrugated carton production.

Operating Sector

Bromley Packaging operates in the light and corrugated packaging industry with many players ranging from individual carton maker to the big actors. We are one of the leading packaging companies in the country with marketing and sales offices nationwide. Due to our network, we are strategically placed to engage and meet our clients and potential clients’ expectations nationwide.

Our Vision

To offer durable quality light and corrugated packaging and become the market leader in the industry.

Our Mission

  • to provide quality packaging products that will add value to the merchandise of our clients and protect their goods from the hazards of handling and environmental conditions.
  • to satisfy the demands and needs of our customers with the use of modern technology that will give us appreciable profitability for continual growth and a competitive edge
  • to create a conducive working environment and growth opportunity for our staff alongside our corporate social responsibility
  • to produce using clean energy (gas) and recycle all our paper waste incurred during production .